Thursday, July 3, 2014


As beings, we are naturally busy in a world that doesn't stop or sleep. Sometimes it's hard to stop with chaos all around. Our ends fray. Our minds race. We begin to lose parts of ourself. What do we do? The answer is simple but hard to accomplish. Just stop. Let the world move on without you for a few stolen seconds, minutes, days or weeks. Hide away with a good book or take a vacation.

That's what I did. I took a needed vacation from my world that just didn't seem to let me breathe. It worked. The stress lessened and my relaxation even in the midst of travels rejuvenated my weariness. I finally felt able to breathe easily.

In relaxation breathes new life and a reborn passion to write. It has been a long time. It isn't back to writing novellas but it's a new step in a bright new direction. So I'd like to say welcome back to my long lost self. I needed this break far more than written words could have expressed.

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