Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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"Things that go bump in the night!" 

As children we all had something we were afraid of. Most of those fears were when the lights went out and the shadows began to dance across a darkened wall. But even as our fears crept beneath and into our subconscious, we didn't let it hold us back from experiencing and watching the late greats and the new scary movies. 

 I remember as a child wanting to watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I would be fine, I figured. We all think nothing will ever scare us like that, we're invincible to those things. Boy, was I wrong. That movie gave me nightmares for weeks. I remember laying in my bedroom, shared with my sister, who by the way is four years older, and crying as I called out to her because my imagination was playing tricks on my mind. I saw things peeking around my door and as I called out to my sister, she ignored me and pretended to be asleep. I was too paralyzed with fear because it felt so real at the time. 

Did that stop me from watching other movies? Definitely not. We all love that little adrenaline rush of the scare or the plot. Some even addicted to it. As an adult, I still love it but I will be the first to admit, I'm probably the person watching it through my parted fingers. I think it's my love of the dark themes that has guided my writing journey to love writing the things that I do. Whether it be my warlocks, my Jinn or my vampire assassin, each being lurks in the shadows.

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The red sateen rode up her soft thigh, showing more and more of her skin. Marcus’s body pressed tighter to hers, his hips gyrating, grinding against her. The quick shallow breaths that panted from Marcus told Katrine just how into her he was. Though the need for release sat heavy within her, reaching a level close to desperation, it wasn’t Marcus who she would be picturing between her thighs or buried deep inside of her. Was that bad? A heady desire staggered deep in her gut as a rush of wetness soaked between her thighs. That feeling alone nearly had a yes ripping past her lips despite her one cardinal rule: don’t mix business with pleasure. Never before had the thought even occurred to her of breaking her rules before meeting Thomas Rykers just weeks prior. Damn him!

A sigh shuddered through her barely parted lips, and as much as Katrine wanted to give in, as much as her body craved this release, she couldn’t. Some lines were never meant to be crossed.

Marcus nuzzled against her neck, hands skimming dangerously high on her thighs. Katrine warred against herself.

“Just let go,” Marcus pleaded, his voice labored with desire.

A pleading tone was there and that snapped Katrine back to her reality. Weakness was not sexy. Not at all. She licked her lips slowly, words ready to spill forth, keyed to rebuke his advances. That was until someone cut through the haze with the subtle clearing of their throat behind Marcus.
“Marcus, you really should lock the door when you’re with your wife,” the intruder teased.

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