Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome to Week 4 of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog!! This week I am honored to have Torie N. James stopping by and giving us a excerpt from her work in progress.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Part Deux, Week 4

“Ho-how old were you when you…became what you are then?” Oh hells, her voice sounded all wispy and dry.
Letting his tongue play over the hills and valleys of her left hand, then right, he pressed a bit closer. “I was 28 the day I met Vivianne. Between the day we met and the day she died…only 2 months had passed. We didn’t have much time together at all.” He shifted again, keeping their hands together but now his lips were at the base of her throat, licking over the pounding pulse beating against her flesh. He could smell the arousal coursing along her blood.
“And I was..I mean, she was..what?” Each word was jerked from her. Oh good gravy, his lips were so warm and her eyes did flutter shut as his tongue teased a wet path around her artery, nibbling along it slowly.
When he lifted his head, his eyes were blazing with a carnal sensuality she’d always read about but never witnessed outside of a movie.And then that was only acting, wasn’t it? Pretend. But right here, right now, it was anything but.
He wanted her.
She wanted him.
“She was a little over 16. A child, really. She was ..ethereal, joyous. Headstrong but tempered by a lightly spoiled nature, despite her upbringing. It was hard to say no to her. Even harder to deny her any little wish. I was very..smitten. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Absurdly romantic, right?”
“Yeah…totally.” She could barely think with him looking at her like that and was a second short of hurling herself onto his body when the smooth, sibilant tones of SIL broke through the room.
“Alexander. I have two more hits. You need to get up here.”
The moment the computer had spoke, Alex had jerked back, rising up as he dropped her hands and shaking his head. Bri wanted to groan as the cool mask of  reserve slipped back into place. No, she wanted to scream. She’d gone her whole life without one single pair of wet panties and Sir Knight here was giving them to her all the time now. Bah.
“We’re coming, SIL.”
No, but we could have been, was Bri’s errant and frustrated thought as she rose up the moment he took a few more steps away.  She tried to be casual. “What’s Metal Eddie talking about?”
Turning away so she couldn’t see what he was doing, Alex bit down hard on his lip, letting his hand push down the pure steel of his throbbing shaft under his pants. By all of the old Gods, he was in misery. Blue balls was definitely becoming a permanent state around this woman. For the simple reason that he refused to make the same mistake twice.
“All those that Merlyn transformed himself have the same or vastly similar genetic code.We all share his blood.” As Alex spoke, he turned back around and motioned for her to follow him but moved ahead without looking directly at her. It hurt too much, it was like seeing paradise before you and being unable to even step into its light. They moved into the hallway, she was only steps behind him.
“A few years ago, after I’d constructed SIL, I programmed it to recognize certain characteristics that were shared by us all. Heat patterns mostly, coupled with structural diagnostics and navigational progress.”
“You’re scary, you know that?”
“You’ve mentioned it a time or two.”

I chose this excerpt for no other reason than it’s just one example of how Bri and Alex interact. He was born in a time of old ideals and had dreams of being the perfect knight once upon a time. Sabrina is the reincarnation of his wife and while there are some similarities, Bri is very much the modern woman who makes no apologies for who she is. I love the dynamic between them, that spark he’s trying to ignore and she only wants to fuel higher.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog II: Week 3

Please Welcome, Stacy Moran

My Writing Goals for 2013

One evening several months ago, I sat in my office with a pile of paper work surrounding me. I wondered how I got here, to this place in my life. I felt like I was losing a part of myself and had no idea how it all happened. My creativity was gone; my desire to write left me even reading a book seemed like an effort. I simply lost myself and was miserable. 

Digging out of the rut that was my life wasn’t easy but watching my life disappear was not easy either. That evening in my office, I decided it was time for a change. I set goals and made a list of things I wanted in my life. I am a big believer of putting what you want out into the universe and I wanted to write a novel. Not just one novel, no I wanted a series of novels about a world that had been running around in my head for a couple years. 

Once the first goal of writing a novel was made then came the hard part finding time to write. This was the first step in completing my goal. I quickly realized time was not going to just appear; I had to actually develop time. 

I tried winging it at first, writing when I could or had felt inspired. I quickly realized this was not going to work. So I had to reevaluate my priorities or I would never accomplish my goal. 

Identify My Priorities – What am I willing to give up to achieve my goal? I thought about my life and my daily task, distinguished between I must do and what I choose to do. From there I determined a ranking system for all daily tasks. 

Realizing and identifying the following:
* Time sinks or activities that take up huge chunks of my time with little to no value
* Self-induced or outside distractions that make me lose focus
* Multi-tasking or not giving one task my full attention at any given time( was a hard one)

Set Deadlines– Breakdown what it was I wanted to accomplish in a certain amount of time. At first I started slow to give myself time to adjust to the new path in my life. Each time one goal was met, I set the next goal a bit higher. 

The year ended and after rewrites and mishaps along the way, the book is finished along with a poetry book Whispers in the Dark (XoXo Publishing). I learned so much from this process and cannot wait to start book two of my Blood Myth Series (a bit of self-promoting). Writing is hard, writing is a job and requires dedication but when it’s your passion you make the time. My goals for 2013 get the first Blood Myth published, write the second in the series and finish a project with a dear friend Author Ashley Nemer. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog