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“Set me Free” ~ Chapter Six

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"Set me Free” ~ Chapter Six

Sera remained frozen in place at the keyhole, the black eye bored back at her. It felt as though the stranger saw through her, within her. Her deepest, most private places. She heard a snarl and jumped back. It was enough to cause cause the stillness to break. With deep heavy breaths, her back turned and placed against the door. Her weight wouldn’t do anything against the barrage of hooded figures on the other end but she sure as hell would try. Her eyes squeezed shut tightly, ignoring the ache in the back of her head. She needed to focus. The weak, raspy voice of Father Giovanni called to her from the dimly lit corner he laid in.
“A...lock. There is a lock hidden behind a brick aside the door.”
A lock? She frowned at him. Why would a church have need to hide locks on small cellar rooms? The rumbled voices grew louder; it was only a matter of minutes, perhaps even seconds before they made their way inside. Sera’s hips swivelled to the right as she began to pluck and pull bricks. Nothing moved. It was all cemented in place. Was Father Giovanni delusional?
“O-Other side.” He wheezed.
With a huff of impatience, her adrenaline kicked in full throttle, her heart slammed like a racing horse in her chest. Movement began outside, shuffling and roars of anger. What the hell was happening out there?
Precious seconds ticked away. Sera switched sides in pursuit of searching for this loose brick. Once again, she plucked and pulled on bricks. An aggravated muffled sound of annoyance trembled deep in her throat until finally her hand ran along that one brick the Father spoke of. The quiet sound of rock scraping rock filled the room with every tug and pull she made. A soft grunt spilled past Sera’s lips as the brick was finally pulled free. It was quick work, brick in one hand as the other pushed inside feeling for something. Anything.
Her small hand felt a thick strip of metal.
“I feel it. I have it in my hand.”
She moved her hand either which way until finally the metal slid across towards the door. The sound of a lock clicking in place told her it had worked. A locked door would buy them a little bit longer at least.
A screamed ripped through the muffled sounds on the other side of the door. Sera stepped back and stared for a moment at the door. A shiver rode up her spine as she dropped to her knees beside Father Giovanni. His old hand found hers and she thought of how cold his skin was. Fear settled deep in her stomach as guilt mixed with it. She wouldn’t be able to handle it if she was to blame for this; those feelings threatened to overwhelm her.
“It’s going to be okay, Father Giovanni. I promise.  Just don’t close your eyes, okay? Stay with me.”
His tired smile told her he didn’t believe he would be okay but Sera couldn’t let him pass to the afterlife.
“Have faith, Father.” She smiled warmly at him, stifling the fear she felt. The irony of Sera telling a clergy to have faith after being outcast from her home church was not lost on her.
“You should not have come here. It was not safe for you.”
A heavy sigh huffed from her. It wasn’t safe here, it wasn’t safe at her home. Where was it safe? Where could she go? Why would her parents tell her to find him if it wasn’t safe? Nothing made sense. More questions bloomed with every second and no answers were in sight.
“I am sorry you are hurt because of me.” Her soft hand rubbed soothingly against his forehead, his breathing evened out. “I don’t have anyone else. My family were killed. My parents first and then my brother. I found a letter from my parents telling me to come to you. You would help me.”
He looked at her solemnly, “They are coming for you. Father help us...”
Her mouth opened to ask him what he meant and who exactly ‘they’ were but the sudden sound caused my head to jolt to the side and peer at the door. By the strength and intensity of the sound, Sera half expected someone to bust inside. But the door held up against it...for now. She swallowed back the bile in her throat.  She hated waiting in this room for someone to bust in. They were like lambs to the slaughter because she highly doubted they came to pray or pay penance; but waiting was all we could do. Or was it? Sera released the Father’s hand and grabbed the brick in her hand as he hid behind the door. If someone was going to come in and all she got was one smack, it was going to count.
As expected, the door eventually swung open and shoes scuttled inside. Sera quietly moved from behind the door and saw the large form with its back to her. Brick grasped and arm raised, she swung hard as the brick connected against the stranger. THWACK! His body dropped like a rock to the ground, directly to the side of the Father Giovanni.

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