Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welcome everyone to week four of “Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog.” This week I am hosting someone very near and dear to me -- Author Tracey Steinbach.  What inspires this beautiful mind of hers? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading and find out ;)

Do you use anything for motivation when writing?
Author Tracey Steinbach

I've been driving to work when a song on the radio has made me think “That would be an interesting book.” My family and I went to visit some friends’ camper at the lake. We took a ride on their bass boat. A few days later, I heard the same song on the radio and I sat down and started the story. It’s still in my WIP folder but it’s started. I added the song to my YouTube playlist, so when I get motivated to work on it, I can play the song that started it all. The feeling you get from a song can be a great motivator.

I've been sitting on the couch, watching a movie when an idea has hit.

I've read a really bad book that made me think “I can do better than that.”

I've also had book ideas come out of nowhere. A picture in your mind can be a powerful motivator.

I've had someone tell me a story that gave me an idea for my own story and I've had people give me a theme and guidelines and a story was born.

I have several friends that I can go to and bounce ideas off of them. Talking it out, getting feedback, encouragement and suggestions from people whose opinions I value motivates me to write.

I believe that anything and everything can motivate a story if a writer keeps an open mind and an active imagination. Can you imagine the worlds you can create with no boundaries? That is the beauty of the paranormal, anything goes. Can you imagine the love story you can create listening to a story from your grandmother at Thanksgiving dinner? Anything is possible in the mind of an author.


It’s great to see the many ways a mind can concoct a story, isn't it? So many avenues! Can you believe that this is our final week? Four weeks have just flown by but what a fun time it has been. The ladies of the blog you all have been a tremendous group-I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to seeing great works from each of you. J

So to the beautiful people that has followed along each week – Thank you! But you still have more opportunities to get your names in for the draw of a free e-book from one of these great authors. How do you go about entering? Just comment or follow-either on blogspot or our facebook author pages.

A. L. Kessler (My blog will be here)
Patricia Laffoon (Thanks Aaron for letting us invade your blog for a while!)

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