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Welcome everyone to week four of “Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog.” This week I am hosting someone very near and dear to me -- Author Tracey Steinbach.  What inspires this beautiful mind of hers? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading and find out ;)

Do you use anything for motivation when writing?
Author Tracey Steinbach

I've been driving to work when a song on the radio has made me think “That would be an interesting book.” My family and I went to visit some friends’ camper at the lake. We took a ride on their bass boat. A few days later, I heard the same song on the radio and I sat down and started the story. It’s still in my WIP folder but it’s started. I added the song to my YouTube playlist, so when I get motivated to work on it, I can play the song that started it all. The feeling you get from a song can be a great motivator.

I've been sitting on the couch, watching a movie when an idea has hit.

I've read a really bad book that made me think “I can do better than that.”

I've also had book ideas come out of nowhere. A picture in your mind can be a powerful motivator.

I've had someone tell me a story that gave me an idea for my own story and I've had people give me a theme and guidelines and a story was born.

I have several friends that I can go to and bounce ideas off of them. Talking it out, getting feedback, encouragement and suggestions from people whose opinions I value motivates me to write.

I believe that anything and everything can motivate a story if a writer keeps an open mind and an active imagination. Can you imagine the worlds you can create with no boundaries? That is the beauty of the paranormal, anything goes. Can you imagine the love story you can create listening to a story from your grandmother at Thanksgiving dinner? Anything is possible in the mind of an author.


It’s great to see the many ways a mind can concoct a story, isn't it? So many avenues! Can you believe that this is our final week? Four weeks have just flown by but what a fun time it has been. The ladies of the blog you all have been a tremendous group-I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to seeing great works from each of you. J

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"Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog" 

Week Three

First of all, welcome all to week three of our blog tour, "Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog". It has been an amazing experience being able to read everyone's thoughts since this journey has all began. I have enjoyed interacting with everyone. So without further adieu, please welcome Torie N. James.

Torie N. James

What is your favorite paranormal series?

Hands down, I’d have to say my favorite paranormal series would be Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a yen for The Dream Hunters, and those Were Hunters are beyond smexy, but it’s the Dark Hunters themselves I’m always jonesing for. Each book has at least two characters I can identify with in terms of personality or attitude and its fun visiting “old” characters with each new book that’s released.

Mad. Bad. Immortal. And if that’s not enough, throw in seductive, sarcastic and each imbued with that “something” that makes them each memorable and I’m sold. I’ve always been a huge fan of mythology, and to see it woven with Ms. Kenyon’s own unique flavor was the beginning of an addiction I happily own and have no wish to be cured from. The thing that always captures me most is just when you think you’ve got one mystery solved (because let’s face it, her book are littered with clues, if you just bother to look), it takes an unseen twist or ends up leading to an even bigger enigma. And I tend to love how you can begin a series hating certain characters but through careful timing, flawless and genuine respect of her characters and the subtle art of character point of view, you can be brought around to an awed type of adulation. I hated Stryker right from the gate but by the time his own book was revealed and I’d torn through it, I was ready to plead my allegiance to the Daimon Army simply based on the hidden facets that were suddenly revealed. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a bastard. But a bastard with a very good reason to be so and one who is loyal to his people to a fault.

It’s hard to say which book in the series is my absolute favorite. I want to say “Acheron” simply because I’m a huge fan of Big Blue. But then again, the latest book “Time Untime” had me turning pages quicker than the speed of light, and no it had nothing to do with the feminine protagonist being named Teri (which is my “real” name) and I just liked seeing my name peppered throughout it. Okay, maybe it had a lot to do with that.

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Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog - Week 2 - Stacy Moran - Interview

It gives me great pleasure to have a special guest again this week to my blog. Please welcome, Stacy Moran! Thanks Stacy for giving a great interview! 

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1.       What made you start writing and which subject matter do you enjoy the most?

My mom always made up bed time stories for my brother and me. I was around six when she pulled out the crayons, blank pieces of paper and had me draw pictures to match her stories.  I tried to draw castles and dragons but was frustrated with how they looked. (Yes I was critical of myself even then) So, I pouted for awhile about my lack of talent. My mom was not having the pouting so she had me start telling her stories and she would draw pictures for my stories. Of course the stories I told all sounded very familiar to her stories but I think this is when my obsession with writing began.

2.       Is there anything that you write about that can be controversial?

Hmm… reality is everything is controversial to someone. If I write about Christianity it is controversial to Atheist or to School Boards. If I write about sex education, again controversy to conservatives.

I write fiction mainly and hope like hell it is controversial.

3.       What inspires you to write and how often do you do it?

I write everyday and my inspiration comes from a multitude of things. Friends, family, what’s going on in the world and from the million other voices running around in my head demanding their story, are my main sources of inspiration.

4.       If you could only take one book with you for the next year what would it be and why?

Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice

Besides loving all of Anne Rice’s work, this is one of my favorite books because of the twist she has on the devil. It makes you think and question things you never would have before. I find something new every time I read the book.

{Lestat is being stalked, by some shadowy guy who turns out to be Memnoch, the devil, who spirits him away. The book could have been called Interview with the Devil (by Lestat). It's a rousing story interrupted by a long debate with the devil. Memnoch isn't the devil as ordinarily conceived: he got the boot from God because he objected to God's heartless indifference to human misery. Memnoch takes Lestat to heaven, hell, and throughout history. REVIEW from Goodreads}

5.       Is there a particular character of yours that you like more than the rest?

That’s a hard question, they change all the time. Right now Afina Dalca, the grandmother of my first Blood Myth novel’s heroine Sorina Ruzicka. Afina is a mystery to all those around her but she is the source of her family’s strength.

6.       Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Apollymi from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series would be one of my all time favorite characters. The Goddess of Destruction is much more than an angry, bitter woman. She is a mother who will never hold her son. She is a wife who was betrayed by her husband countless times. Apollymi is imprisoned in hell until her son is dead because of jealousy and fear. Yes, I know she has promised to destroy the world but come on; her son was raped, castrated, abused and tortured for years by humans and gods. Any mother would seek revenge for their child’s pain. Just saying…

7.       What age did you start reading, did you have a favorite children’s book?

First grade was when I really started reading books from the library. Snow White was my favorite children’s book.

8.       What's the best part of being an author?

Escaping into another world and forgetting reality

9.       If your current book (published or work in progress) could become a movie who would star in it?

For my Blood Myth Series, Zakah Sange would be John Abraham because he is who I think of when I envision him. Sorina would be Cintia Dicker but since she is not an actress my next choice would be Emma Stone

10.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, writing wise?

Ten books into the Blood Myth Series and a few more series started. Hopefully more poetry books will be written some with my co-authors from Whispers in the Dark and a few of just my poetry.

11.   Anything extra you want to add….

Writing is not about being published or not published… It has taken me along time to realize, writing is about sharing a piece of myself.  Good or bad, write from your heart… 

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