Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love the Skin you're in...

That was the first thing that popped into my busy mind, "Love the skin you're in." It kind of makes me laugh in actuality. Why? Well, how many ladies out there actually can sit in front of the mirror and say that? I know I couldn't. Our society has painted the illusion that in order to be beautiful and sought after you need to be a size 2 or less and absolutely beautiful with a pound of make-up on.

The point is even those size two models would change something. Perhaps not as much as a size 20 but the want, rather need to strive to the perfection that our society has laid before us is forever hanging over everyone.

It's because of this that young girls are plagued with eating disorders. And no, I don't mean to insinuate that it is only females that struggle with trying to fit into a "Falsely Perfect world".

If we had the myriad of staff at our fingertips these barbie doll models do then we would look picture perfect as well. They would cake on the make-up, trim off our unsightly pounds with their wonderful computer photoshop programs and then voila! We are picture perfect too.

Think it's that easy? Yes, in Hollywood, I do. But we all don't live in Hollywood do we? And we most certainly don't have a myriad of workers at our fingertips all in the name of beauty.

So, just remember this when you look in the mirror, the next time. You ARE beautiful no matter what size you are! Easier said than done? Absolutely. So how do "we" fix our mindset? There are three ways to do that.

1. We surround ourselves with people who love us. 
2. We surround ourselves with people who support us, no matter what.
3. We love ourselves, despite the things we would change.

We need to reprogram ourselves. Beauty is not just a size 2 any longer. Beauty is no longer skin deep. 

Here is the bottom line: If you don't believe it...the world won't.

So ladies and gentleman, sit in front of that mirror that has taunted all of us for years and you tell yourselves as many times as it takes, "I am beautiful and I love the skin I'm in."

Copyright @ L.S. Broomfield

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